Strengthening Healthy Adult in Schema Therapy

6th December, 2024 (online)

(9.30am - 4.30pm UK time)

Janis Briedis and Dr Helen Startup, Consultant Psychologists

The Healthy Adult (HA) is often positioned as an ‘essential’ feature of the self with its development being a principal goal of Schema Therapy.  However, in many ways The HA is poorly articulated and understood both in terms of its content and process features. This workshop will focus on elaborating a clear working definition of the HA in ST, that is contrasted with overlapping constructs across other therapies (such as the Wise Mind in DBT, Compassionate Self in CFT).  We will then propose methods to build and harness this essential part of the self to support maximum growth through Schema Therapy. 

During this one day masterclass, delegates will:

  • Learn about the critical importance or ‘meta’ role of the HA in managing and overseeing self-organisation.
  • Creatively use imagery and body-focused strategies to build the Heathy Adult where there may have been little chance for HA development.
  • Use Chair work to place the HA in the ‘driving seat’ and to ‘dial down’ reliance on coping modes and the influence of the Critic.
  • Discover cognitive techniques to bolster a HA and to support mentalisation where there is fragmentation of the self.
  • Use somatic techniques and transitional objects to foster a deeper connection between the HA and the needs of a fragile Vulnerable Child part.
  • Learn how to integrate creative methods such as the use of toys, puppets and craft to support playful development and integration of a HA
  • Therapists will learn about their own contribution to ‘schema chemistry’ and will learn strategies for staying within their own HA at times of clinical challenge and rupture.

This will be a lively and experiential workshop with video demonstrations of techniques and opportunities to practice under supervision.

Training costs and to book

£160.00 for a one-day workshop. 

Payment may be made by card or bank transfer. Please email us if your employer requires an invoice and/or if you wish to pay by bank transfer.

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