Time-limited Schema Therapy for Complex Axis I Presentations 

7-8th November, 2024 (online)
(9.30am - 4.30pm UK time)

Dr Helen Startup and Janis Briedis, Consultant Psychologists


This workshop presents a time-limited schema therapy model for the conceptualization and treatment of clients presenting with complex Axis 1 presentations, such as chronic depression, entrenched GAD, OCD, social and health anxiety, as well as cases where no one clear diagnosis can be identified. The workshop is suitable for psychologists and CBT therapists (or those from allied modalities) wishing to augment time limited work where presentations are complicated by relational difficulties, mode shifting, ‘therapy interfering behaviors’ and/or entrenched/stuck patterns. 

The workshop will help you to:

(1) identify developmental unmet needs, entrenched schemas and coping styles, in order to build a transdiagnostic mode formulation

(2) identify priorities when using a Schema Therapy model within a time-limited framework – balancing cognitive and experiential interventions

(3) integrate and adapt the change techniques of chair work, imagery rescripting and empathic confrontation to tackle specific schemas and modes

(4) draw on a limited reparenting stance to strengthen collaboration and alliance within the therapeutic relationship

(5) learn to be guided by the concept of the ‘Window of Tolerance’ in deciding when and how to integrate experiential techniques in a safe and effective way

(6) ultimately support clients to bolster and be guided by their Healthy Adult mode.

The two days are highly experiential with NEW video demonstrations, as well as opportunities to practice across the two days. Attendees will be encouraged to bring case material for formulation and treatment planning to bring to life all aspects of these ways of working.

Training costs and to book

£290 for a two-day online workshop.

Payment may be made by card or bank transfer. Please email us if your employer requires an invoice and/or if you wish to pay by bank transfer. 

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