Module 2: Advanced Schema Therapy Skills for Complex Cases (intensive)

£ 921.40 each


Module 2: Advanced Schema Therapy Skills for Complex Cases (intensive)

12-14th July, 2024 (online) 

Module 2 overview

This 3-day workshop expands and deepens knowledge acquired in Module 1 and looks at the application of core schema therapy theory and techniques with specific complex presentations.

Topics covered in Module 2:

  1. Schema therapy for narcissism – formulation in terms of schemas and modes, distinguishing between different narcissistic presentations, building an alliance with these clients, overcoming obstacles to treatment.
  2. Schema therapy with cluster C personality disorders.  Including: avoidant, obsessive-compulsive and dependent personality disorders - formulation in terms of schemas and modes, working with resistance, avoidance and rigidity and working with a guilt inducing critic mode, plus adapting imagery and chair work for this Cluster C population.
  3. Schema therapy with forensic populations – discussion of forensic modes, distinguishing between different types of anger and working constructively with anger, using body-focussed techniques to facilitate the development of an internal sense of safety.
  4. Adapting schema therapy to work with complex Axis I presentations, or clients with significant difficulties who do not meet criteria for a personality disorder, such as: eating disorder, OCD, chronic PTSD or depression – formulation in terms of schemas and modes, plus the adaptation of cognitive, imagery and chair techniques.
  5. Time-limited schema therapy – adapting schema therapy for working in short and medium term timeframes.  Combining aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), compassion focussed therapy (CFT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and schema therapy. Gauging a safe relational depth of work, managing endings.
  6. Supervision and further learning as a schema therapist.

Training costs

A stand-alone 3-day module costs £550. 

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