Working with anger from a schema therapy perspective

£ 160.00 each


Working with anger from a schema therapy perspective

One-day workshop: 5th July, 2024

The BPS, 30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE, United Kingdom

with Dr Helen Startup and Janis Briedis, Consultant Psychologists

Schema therapy acknowledges the richness of anger, its multifaceted functions and origins, and its enormous healing potential. In schema therapy terms anger can emanate from several different ‘modes’, most notably: the bully attack, angry protector, and angry child modes. Working with anger requires the therapist to first make an accurate assessment of the ‘mode in action’, as well as to identify and attune to the unmet need unpinning the mode. The therapist might then work directly with a ‘part of the self’ that is either overwhelmed by anger or overshadowed by anger.

During this highly interactive workshop participants will learn how to disentangle the various expressions of anger, to link these to core modes and schemas, convert unproductive or destructive anger to constructive assertiveness, as well as to use their own emotional reactions to their clients’ anger to hone the conceptualisation.

Live demonstrations of all core methods (imagery, chair work, empathic confrontation) for working with anger will be demonstrated and practiced and there will be time given to reflecting on therapists’ own schema activation in relation to anger directed at them.


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